Who Does TASC Serve?

TASC programs offer a wide range of options for persons to choose from.  All of our services are customized and designed to provide supports that assist the person served to remain in their own homes or communities.  Decisions regarding what services will be provided and the number of units or hours of support received are based on the person’s needs as determined by the individual and their interdisciplinary team. 

 General Admission Criteria   

* A diagnosed mental, physical or emotionally disabling condition as stated by a licensed physician or psychiatrist

* In need of assistance and can benefit from a service provided by TASC

* In need of support and supervision in order to maintain employment and/or living environment in the community

* Means of payment for services
* Not harmful/threat to self or others

* Willing to participate in the development and implementation of a person-centered service plan

* Not abusing alcohol or using illegal drugs

* Not a registered sexual offender
* Age 16 years or older (exception - HCBS/SCL hourly and Transition Services) 

 Equal Opportunity Employment Non-Discrimination Provisions Policy

TASC believes in providing equal employment opportunity with regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.  We believe in equal employment opportunity with respect to all employment related decisions and terms and conditions of employment.