Employment Services


Prospective Employers

TASC’s Employment programs include a proven job placement program to meet your employment needs.  If you are an employer seeking motivated, dependable, work-ready individuals, then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss you needs.

Our Supported Employment Program pre-screens and trains people for competitive employment throughout the far Northeast Counties of Iowa.  Persons in this program are often times better at filling your employment needs than candidates from traditional sources because they are highly motivated and have support, if required, to perform the job duties to your expectations.

Our candidates are fully trained in many skills including:

*   Positive/Respectful Attitude
*   Commitment
*   Attendance/Dependability
*   Accuracy and Attention to Detail
*   Team Effort/Flexibility
*   Professionalism
*   Honesty
*   Initiative/Responsibility
*   Attentiveness

 Our aim is to reduce your employment turnover while offering meaningful work to someone who appreciates employment and the independence it provides.

An employer’s liability for individuals in Supported Employment is the same across the board.  The hiring process is virtually the same.​

Job Development/Individual Placement Services

After being referred to TASC through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and County Social Services, job development and supported employment (job coaching) are some of the many employment services offered.  An individualized plan of support is created based on each person’s employment goal.  Some of these supports may include:

* Practicing interviewing techniques
* Networking with local employers based on job interests
* Reviewing work behaviors and social skills (e.g., relating to co-workers/supervision)
* Reviewing work practices (e.g., being on time, reporting illnesses, proper use and treatment of equipment)
* Discussing grooming, hygiene, work attire, and uniforms as need or applicable
* Advising about impact of earnings on benefits
* Identifying other Support Services required (e.g., transportation)
* Developing a resume       

Once you are hired for a job, an employment specialist will be available to go with you to your job site to provide extra supports.  This person may provide assistance in a variety of areas including:

* Purchasing work clothes
* How to get to and from work
* Understanding work rules and procedures, scheduling and general safety
* Helping to communicate with supervisors about concerns or questions

The Job Developer will provide follow up for 90 days after you are hired.  The employment specialist can support you as long as you have the job and are covered by third party funding.

Work Crews

Persons served have the opportunity to earn up to full minimum wage or higher working on TASC work crews through our employment relationships with local businesses.  Job performance tasks include recycling and janitorial duties.  New work crew sites are continually being added to offer a variety of choices to the TASC participant.  TASC provides continuous support to both employers and the participants in the program.  Once a participant is thoroughly trained in his or her job duties, a work crew supervisor continues to provide on-the-job support as long as it is needed, ensuring consistent work productivity as the participant develops new skills.  Work crew participants are paid by

TASC and are covered by the agency’s Worker’s Compensation insurance and tax expenses.          


Our Business Partners

Our Business Partners are local businesses and organizations who support TASC’s mission of community employment inclusion for the people we serve.  These businesses have provided employment opportunities through competitive job placements, community job shadowing, or volunteer positions.  TASC is honored to celebrate our partners in the community. 


~ Allamakee County Economic Development Office
~ Allamakee County Extension Office
~ Allamakee Community Fair Board
~ Dee's Implement
~ Empty Next Winery
~ Fareway - Decorah
~ German Farmers Mutual
~ Kwik Trip - Waukon & Lansing
~ Lansing Housing Products
~ Luther College - Decorah
~ Northeast Iowa Community College
~ Northgate Care Facility
~ Good Samaritan Center
~ Quillins Food Ranch
~ Hartig Drug - Waukon
~ Robey Memorial Community Library
~ Systems
~ West Side Lumber Company
~ Winneshiek County Recycling Center